Stella B. & Co.

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ctLow's former boats

Stella B.

Stella B., named after my late maternal grandmother, and I were together from 1996 until 2000. See this 1989 Kingston SeaSport Pro-8000's specifications.

Stella B. meandering by Camelot Island Stella B. scooting through the “Forty Acres” Stella B., docking at dusk, Brockville Yacht Club Stella B., among the slips at the Brockville Yacht Club Stella B., docking in daylight, Tunnel Bay, Brockville ctLow, author of Boat Docking, skipper of Stella B.

All photographs by tgLow, tpMilnes and pdMilnes, & others who wish to remain nameless.
Copyright © 1998-1999

Low Profile

We owned this 1991 Chapparal 28 from 1991 until 1995. I'll try to dig up more photos.

Low Profile
Photograph by Terry Paul Photo, Copyright © 1999

Chapparal 20

Our first boat - a 1990 Chapparal 20 cuddy cabin, in our possession for just over a year, starting in 1990. Shown here as we were trading up!

Chaparral 28 and 20

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