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  1. Leaving Dock
  2. Arriving at Dock
  3. Heavy Weather
  4. Departing the Boat
  5. Refuelling
  6. Departing Home
  7. Anchoring or Mooring
  8. Guests
  9. A few useful formulas and rules of thumb

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I provide all information on this page on a liability-free basis. Please use at your own risk, and verify anything critical to your boating safety with other authoritative sources. I designed these lists for my own personal use, and I do not intend to imply any special knowledge beyond that. I find them to be useful tools in my boating, and I hope that you do to. You may wish to modify them for your particular needs. Suggestions always welcome, although I cannot make the lists exhaustive or they become too large to be of practical use.

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ctLow's Boat Lists

1/ Leaving Dock

ctLow's Boat Lists

2/ - Arriving at Dock

ctLow's Boat Lists

3/ - Heavy Weather

ctLow's Boat Lists

4/ - Departing the Boat

ctLow's Boat Lists

5/ - Refuelling

ctLow's Boat Lists

6/ - Departing Home


  • boat keys!!
  • food, drink, dishes - snacks, water bottle
  • sunblock, sunglasses

    General packing

    • travel tickets, passport
    • clothing - warm/dry/extra/sleeping/swimming/towels/hat/shoes/slippers, laundry bag
    • bedding/pillows/toiletries
    • medications, analgesics, anti-nauseant, spare glasses
    • telephone & accessories, computer
    • photo gear - still (tripod)/video, charger, memory-card-reader
    • reading, music!
    • air-travel: earphones, neck-pillow/travel-pillow, reusable bags, AC power adapter[s], remove sharps from pockets/carry-on ...)
    • sometimes: foreign currency; subway tokens
    • update voice-mail message
    • cash
    • umbrella
  • ctLow's Boat Lists

    7/ - Anchoring and Mooring

    ctLow's Boat Lists

    8/ - Information for Guests

    ctLow's Boat Lists

    9/ - A few useful formulas and rules of thumb

    ctLow's Boat Lists

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