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Boat Docking seconds Boat Docking Seconds

Reduced-price sale!

Note: this page is out-of-date, the pricing on it no longer valid, but it hasn't been relevant in recent memory anyway. By all means contact me if you want a copy.

A few books in our warehouse have suffered some minor water damage. The covers have a few scuffs and crinkles, the pages might be stiff, but the bindings all seem fine and the books are completely readable.


So, marked way down:

Canadian or U.S. dollars (depending upon where you live):
-plus S&H, and we can work that out if you're interested in this offer.

(Other destinations please inquire.)


Print out the convenient Order Form page, and just ignore the price information there.

Just write "seconds" in the margin of your order or otherwise indicate that you're pursuing this special offer, and we'll get a pre-worn copy of Boat Docking out to you promptly.

These books of course are sold "as is", and our customers have been uniformly satisfied. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Time limited

When they're gone, they're gone! We're not damaging any more! ;-)

-posted: 2004-05-23
-this page updated 2024-01-28