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- a book by ctLow -

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Privilege and Burden - why the Navigation Rules do not specify a "right of way." ==== 2004-04
Mushing - how to plane a power boat properly and minimize wake.
(See also Wake Management [and Anchorage Scoping].)
80 KB 2004-05
Checklists for boaters ==== 2017-10
Sound Signals - describes what marine sound signals boaters can and should make and understand. ==== 2014-01
Boat Winds - MAFOR codes and other wind indicators - estimate wind speed from flags and waves. 83 KB 2002-08
Boater Licencing - such as the Canadian PCOC; why I support it. ==== 2004-04

Boat Docking - the book [Read this about PDF's: These are much larger files than the standard HTML versions, but they print better and might be more suitable for quick reference aboard your boat. Some of the newer web browsers won't download them automatically, unfortunately (they call this "progress"), in which case right-click on the link and follow the prompts. You will want something like "Save target as..." or "Save link as..."

Reading them also requires of course the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.]


-original posting: 2002-04-17
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