Boat Docking front cover

Boat Docking

Close Quarters Maneuvering for Small Craft
-by ctLow

Boat Docking is out of print!

As of February of 2014, the last of the 7th printing has left the warehouse. Investigation has stalled (to be frank) concerning a Second Edition, but in the meantime, no new copies are available.

It was a very good run.

Writing and publishing have now moved to photography.

Many thanks to the multitude of readers from whom I have heard. With Boat Docking first published in 1996, and with many thousands of copies in print, it is time for this self-published author to focus on other projects.

Primarily, check out Charles T. Low Photography.
enticing diagram!

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Further information

Boat Docking explains everything you could possibly want to know about how to dock a boat.

In 88 pages, with 140 clear, simple illustrations, it provides an easy, fun read, conveying thorough, accurate information about the universal nemesis of close quarters maneuvering.

Many thousands of readers agree: it's simply a terrific book!

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*** Photography! ***

A vocation in photography - click here - has led, in 2019, to my second published book:

Brockville in Photographs

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